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CPA Endorsements

"Provides a quick analysis of your tax liability under the committee plan.
I found the tool to be accurate in its calculations.
It's a good place to start a conversation about year-end tax planning
and whether any additional step is necessary before the new year."

Ryan Raffensperger, CPA
Raffensperger, Martin & Finkenbiner, LLC

"I have shared it with everyone possible and have used it numerous times
to calm my clients' concerns and uncertainty by using this tool to provide quantifiable
information illustrating the impact of the tax reform specific to their circumstances.
I manually calculated my own return results against the "Tax Plan Calculator"
and your results are spot on."

Ron Christ, CPA
Badgley & Christ, AC

Note: TaxPlanCalculator.com precisely calculates the impact of the bill for the vast majority of tax filers, but it cannot handle every tax situation. If you have an unusual tax situation please see the FAQ page for what the calculator handles and its limitations.

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