Tax Cut Repeal Calculator

How Ending Trump's tax cuts would impact YOU

Income: $
Enter your income.
Use "Adjusted Gross Income" (line 37 on form 1040.)
Note: Union dues and deductions for unreimbursed expenses by your employer no longer deductible. If you have those deductions: Run calculator twice, both with & without them as income, to see impact


Over 65?

More options:
Do you currently itemize deductions?
If you enter "I don't know" it'll figure out for you if you should be itemizing itemizing now.

If you itemize:
Site calculates state/local income and sales taxes automatically.
Roughly what do you pay in property taxes? $

Mortgage interest, charity, medical, and tuition deductions: $
Only enter things on Schedule A of your return.
Net business losses should NOT be put here; subtract them from the income field above

Children under age 17:
Other dependents:
"Other" includes 17 & 18 year-olds, dependent kids under 24 who are students, and disabled adults

Note: Every tax situation is unique, so your exact results may differ. Calculations and coding by Maxim Lott


Less common (most people should ignore):
I want to enter my exact state/local income & sales tax deductions: $
This will replace the calculator's estimate (methodology explained on FAQ page)

For future homebuyers, mortgage int on home value $750k-1m: $
This applies ONLY to mortgages on houses you buy in the future and only on interest on the part of your home value in the range of $750k - $1 million. Otherwise do not enter anything here

Alternative Minimum Tax (form 1040, line 45): $
AMT taxable income (form 6251, line 28): $
If left at zero, calculator will assume your AMT taxable income = AGI. You should enter this if your AMT is noticably different, but it will make a difference for very few filers.

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